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Our History

In the fall of 2009, a small group of students, passionate about theatre, began a drama club at Fossil Ridge High School with the aid of a supportive science teacher. It took them two full years to write and produce their first play, but it laid the foundations for a program that now supports over 100 young thespians and technicians via programs for performance, tech, improv, and community. After almost a decade of existence, the Fossil Ridge Theatre Department has become a community that strives for a blend of professionalism and education through opportunity, leadership, and critical thinking.

Our Story

At Fossil Ridge Theatre, we tell stories. These are the stories that color our past, that speak to our souls and that change our hearts  These are the stories that ignite passion in our artists, action in our audiences, and a hope for a better tomorrow.  We have built a program that is a first and foremost, a community for students. Individuals feel safe to be who they are.  In the words of a current student:



“The element that keeps students invigorated is the community that supports and intertwines every aspect of Fossil’s department.. Students feel supported through personal relationships with directors and mentors who make it very clear that not only are they present to educate, but also to help each student grow.”

Why a Booster Organization?

FRHS’ administration has supported our work by funding teachers for our classes.  Our district has supported this work by allocating small stipends for teachers to guide our Improv, Drama, and Tech Clubs, extracurricular student led organizations that provide social and educational support for students.  The culminating showcase of our training is our annual fall show and spring musical. This is where we invest the most resources and make the biggest impact. It is also where we need the most help.


We are fully self-supported. We were given a $2000 budget at our inception eleven years ago, and have not received a dime since.  We rely on ticket sales and student fees to fund our productions. We budget to cover our production costs so that we can present another show next year.  

Relying on ticket sales alone will not be sufficient to fund the program we have built. We have worked to build a parent booster group to volunteer and fundraise, allowing our program to continue to grow and thrive.  


This model allows us to hire a professional lighting designer, costume designer, and choreographer to work side by side with students.  It also allows us to provide safe and relevant tools to continue to expand our capabilities.  Your contributions help inspire the artistic talents of our students and support the community that has become such an important part of their lives.  


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